Real-life training has never been safer, more affordable

The mobile Guardian® Collapsed Building Simulator saves lives by giving first responders and rescue teams a safe, effective way to train in real-life conditions. Designed for use by FEMA Urban Search & Rescue operations, terrorist task forces, Federal law enforcement organizations, emergency medical service providers and fire departments, the GUARDIAN® can recreate over 200 disaster scenarios, including a collapsed “pancaked” building, dangerous gas releases, earthquake after-shocks, window-rescue situations, cement wall breaching and sewer-line escape.

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One-stop source for
first responders needs

SCBA’s, EEBA’s Turnout gear, Air compressors, gas detection monitors, rescue tools and equipment, RIT bags, thermal imaging cameras – Personal Protection Equipment Specialists is your one-stop source for all first responder’s needs.

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Personnel training programs can be the difference
between life and death

How to react in a crisis situation, selecting turnout gear, how to properly use and maintain rescue tools, air compressor maintenance, training certification – it’s the difference between life and death. That’s why rescue-equipment training is essential for all first responders and rescue teams.

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On-your-site testing and certification programs

PPES offers the full range of on-your-site testing services and certification programs to assure equipment compliance for turnout clothing, scheduled maintenance, annual Posi-Chek testing, hydrostatic cylinder testing, air-quality testing for compressors, SCBA flow testing and re-certification for all ISI products.

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